Zemtsov family Masterclasses 2020

Yearly the well-known Zemtsov family organize their unique masterclass for viola students from all over the world. This year it took place from February 24th till February 28th. The historic convent Bovendonk in Hoeven (The Netherlands) provided an unique setting for an intense learning experience. The Honorary Guest Teacher was Michael Kugel. Nadia David visited te masterclass to offer Feldenkrais lessons. Participants received lessons from all teachers, moreover, students were encouraged to assist each other’s lessons.  The recordings were made on the last day of the masterclasses on Februari 28 by Gé Bijvoet for DutZ Studio.
The participants can order the complete bundle of recordings and will be send in WAV files to burn on cd and Mp3 files to use on the web.

Price of the bundle with 30 recording is €8,50 and can be ordered via the link and payed via Bank or PayPal via PianoTunes website.
The bundle will be send via WeTransfer.
A personal Video can be made for 25 euro per video.

Order the Bundle with 30 Masterclass Recordings. And order a personal Video on top.

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